Holistic Clinical Massage & ScarWork


I am qualified in Sharon Wheeler's ScarWork ​​​​​​

Lots of people acquire scars throughout their life, whether from operations or trauma and accidents. However old the scar is, it can still be responsive to ScarWork therapy. 
Scar therapy is a very gentle approach to reducing tightness and discomfort of scars, therapeutic touch can be beneficial to improve the appearance of scars and their effect on surrounding tissue.

By reducing tightness and encouraging mobility between the layers of skin, fascia and muscle, we may be able to increase your mobility

Some of the scars that have responded to this therapy are

Mastectomy and breast reconstruction scars
Skin grafts
Appendix and other abdominal scars
Hip and Joint replacement scars

If you are not sure if your scar will respond to therapy then please get in touch

* Very gentle touch treatment
* Your treatment can take anything from 15-60 minutes depending on the sensitivity of your scar and its position and how it is responding to treatment
* You will probably need a series of treatments to get the maximum benefit
* We may be able to incorporate your ScarWork therapy into your massage treatment depending on your individual circumstances, we can discuss this when you book. 

Contraindications- there are some circumstances when a scar cannot be treated safely; any scar that has not yet healed, that is still sore, red or weeping. Also surgery that involves reconstructive mesh is not suitable for this therapy. If you are unsure, please get in touch to discuss. 

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