Holistic Clinical Massage & ScarWork

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About Me
Susie Johnston
Welcome to The Body Organic!
My name is Susie Johnston and I am on a mission to help you feel better, naturally.
I am a Jing Therapist which means I have been trained to the highest level in massage in the UK and we use a 'fix in six' approach. This means that I aim to get your primary pain condition under control in six treatments. 
​If you have pain there is no need to put up with it. 
I am qualified in  Advanced Clinical Massage in the following areas; low back pain, neck and shoulder pain, shoulder girdle pain, arm wrist and carpal tunnel pain, hip and pelvis pain, leg, knee and foot pain and advanced sports stretching.
I am also qualified in the following
On Site Massage, Hot Stones Massage, Warm Bamboo massage, Cupping Massage and Hands-free massage, Indian Head Massage, Reflexology and ScarWork. I am constantly expanding my knowledge and skills. All of this means I am ideally placed to get you out of pain; I have loads of techniques and skills at my disposal to help you. 
I also work in corporate settings doing On-site massage helping people keep healthy in their work setting. One of the organisations who I work with is the
If you are interested in working with them, get in touch. 

Call me to discuss your needs and book an appointment.